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Fats, Oils, Sweets
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Fats, Oils and Sweets are located at the top of the Food Guide Pyramid.  They represent the smallest area of the pyramid, because you are supposed to eat the least foods from this area.

Miscellaneous Group including:  Fats, Oils and Sweets
Miscellaneous Categorious


The Fats, Oils and Sweets group are represented by the Miscellaneous Categorious.  He warns you to eat from this group in moderation.  Sweets and fats are his favorite foods, but if you eat too much of them you will miss out on the healthier foods available.
What foods represent the Fats, Oils and Sweets Group?
Soft drinks, Salad Dressings, Syrups, Butter, Candy, Cookies, Oil, Sugary Desserts, Margarine, Doughnuts...
Suggested Servings Are:
These foods have little nutrient value so there are no suggested servungs.  These foods should be eaten sparingly and only in moderation.