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Coldwater Community Schools Chartwells Dining Services
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Get to know your dedicated Chartwells associates right here!


Kitchen Phone Numbers
Coldwater High School  279-5933
Max Larsen Elementary  279-1942
Girard Elementary  279-5965 ext. 7483
Jefferson Elementary  279-5970 ext. 7553
Lakeland Elementary  238-2105 ext. 8491
Legg Middle School  279-8683, 278-5731
Lincoln Elementary  279-2751

Director of School Dining Services

Tamara Santora

Coldwater High School kitchen

Miriam Bender-Cashier

Karen Blount-Baker/Cashier

Tonya Wilbur-Cashier

Sandra Harman-Sandwich Central

Wanda Murphy-Floater

Mary Kelp-Cashier

Diana Albright-Sandwich Central/Dishwasher

Jean Pierucki-Floater

Paulette Tobolski-Head Cook

Max Larsen Elementary

Beth Yearling-Food Service Associate

Marlene Milliman-Food Service Associate

Girard Elementary
TBD-Food Service Associate
Jefferson Elementary
Darlene Day-Food Service Associate
Lakeland Elementary
Karen Galinis-Food Service Associate
Dawnn Harris-Food Service Associate
Legg Middle School
Shane Finley-Head Cook
Penny Dixon-Assistant Cook/Cashier
Donna Finley-Pizza Maker
Deb Knight-Salads/Potatoes/Cashier
Sandy Martin-Baker/Cashier
Susan Hoyt-Floater
Carolyn Rumsey-Server
Eileen Hughes-Server
John Sabaitis-Food Truck Driver
Don Tobolski-Food Van Driver
Nadia Saeed-Server
Amber Wixson-Production Coordinator
Lincoln Elementary
Donna Finley-Food Service Associate
April Anthony-Food Service Associate