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Coldwater Community Schools Chartwells Dining Services
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This policy is designed for the convenience of the parents and students.  We know that things get forgotten, so we allow a student to charge A SCHOOL MEAL ONLY up to three times (Elementary amount of $4.20, Secondary amount of $6.00).  A La Carte selections are not allowed to be charged. 
After three charges, Elementary students will still receive a PBJ sandwich and a milk until they pay their charges, they will not go without eating.
After three charges, Middle School and High School students are asked to borrow money or call home.  Students can see their balances at the register, and when a student goes into the RED, the balance shows red and the cashier lets them know they need to bring in money.  Parents do have the option of not allowing their child(ren) to charge at all.  If this is chosen, they will have to borrow money, call home, or not eat anything.
In the middle of May we cut off all charging and request that parents pay off all debt owed before the end of the school year.
All charges not paid before the end of the school year will be carried forward into the next school year, even if your child(ren) switch buildings.
Seniors will be expected to pay all their lunch charges before receiving their cap and gown.  If they do not pay these charges off, there will still be a bill sent home for you to pay.  Sometimes they owe money from previous years, not just their Senior year.